Tuesday, June 13, 2006

This morning's sunrise:

today started off with a phenomenal sunrise. The cloud deck was pretty low and consisted of a solid unyeilding gray which was equitably balanced by the sea's mirror likeness of it. And thinly exposed between the two was a band of pink and yellow streaks right at the horizon that lasted for quite a while. It made for some nice pics. Unfortunately however, i was unable to catch pics of the multiple schools of playing dolphins that were within just yards of me. there were so many of them playing aboot right in front of the pier here, that i took a moment to watch their antics. It constituted one of the only times i have listened that closely to the breathing of sea mammals and rally put the icing on the cake for today. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous said...

Hi son. Too bad you could not get a pic of that. I love dolphins. I have seen them before, but maybe not as many as you saw today.


Anonymous said...

i'll keep an eye out for them when we set up on anchor. i am anticipating seeing more marine life out there where we are away from the hubbub of the pier.