Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Lovely Punta Arenas offers stunning views of... grey. miles and miles of grey. Acres and Acres of verdant and carefully cultured grey. Grey like no where else in the world. Brilliant.

Actually, as you all may already know, i am completely happy with the grey. And i am getting a pretty good serving today. this picture seems to pull it together pretty well as the ships are painted steely grey, the water reflects the silvery sky with a titanium glean. Its a small slice of heaven! Posted by Picasa


Capt. Danaher said...

Heaven, like the site of a Denny's at 2 am after a hard night of 8 ball'n or Heaven that has a mono color printer. The only Heaven i see is the lack of the human interaction and contact with the "Blackberry world".

Yours in in the Professional Endowment for the Search for Extra Special Five Legged Sea Monkey (PESEFLSM?)

Anonymous said...

look closer. closer. closer. now... do you see it? out there beyond the silver and grey. see it now? well, keep trying until you do. if you have to, put your nose right up to the screen. nevermind your cubemates...