Thursday, June 01, 2006

a couple of tug's

resting their weary bones beside the boat. Speaking of tugs, i just hafta say, i have developed a newfound respect for these machines and the people who staff them. Watching their heavywieght selves delicatly waltze among the giants has been at times, a bit awe inspiring... Danaher, maybe you really should look into ecoming a tug boat captian. Posted by Picasa


Capt. Danaher said...

As the crimson tide washes over the deck of the USS CV, the mighty IT Key Grip stays close to his post, tuning out the screams of the choas around him. After careful but quick evaluation, the stioc (one apparently or professedly indifferent to pleasure or pain) carefully reboots the computer.

dub said...

Mission Accomplished. Windows 98 computer is back up and operational Captain.

Mom said...

I love the name USS CV. Good name for a ship. But then I might be biased. No.....not me!