Monday, June 25, 2007

The second annual CO Mountain Bike Summit

Thursday, June 28 - Friday, June 29 Crested Butte, Colorado

Please join Bicycle Colroado for the second annual Colorado Mountain Bike Summit, bringing land managers and mountain bike enthusiasts together to discuss how to improve riding opportunities in Colorado. Bicycle Colorado is co-hosting this event with Bureau of Land Management, U.S. Forest Service, International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA), and Crested Butte Chamber of Commerce. This event coincides with Fat Tire Bike Week in Crested Butte.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Month in pictures: June 24, 2007

First pic: The Sangre De Christos from 14,110' Pikes Peak
Second Pic: End of the Line on the Pikes Peak Cog Railway.

Friday, June 22, 2007

National Go Skateboarding Day

Sopris CEO, Curtis Lewis, called me yesterday to alert me to Natioanl Go Skateboarding Day. His brother had plans to set out for the Denver Skate Park downtown to represent Sopris and to enjoi the holiday. Hopefully he took some pics.

Overall, Colorado was well represented in this new tradition with events held in Briargate Skatepark in Colorado Springs, Clemet Skate Park in Denver, and at the Denver Skate Park, Colorado Skate University "kept it small" with vendors, a highest ollie contest, a consecutive kickflip contest, some skateboard lessons and DJ's to keep the vibe alive. In addition, the event was celebrated in Australia and Canada too. (Probably time to change the name from National to International?)

For video coverage, check out the following Link.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Trail Review:

Grazing Elk Trail - Jefferson County, CO
Location: Dear Creek Canyon near Jeffco's South Valley Trail Complex.
Distance: 2.5 miles
Difficulty: Easy - Intermediate
Elevation gain and loss: +278/-187

This trail review is a complete mistake. I never even knew the trail existed until we stumbled upon the trailhead by accident while on a neighboring trail (Coyote Song and the South Valley).

The Grazing Elk loops its way around a the top of a tableland found along the shoulder of Plymouth Peak in JeffCo's incredible Deer Creek and South Valley trail complex. With this geography, its poised to catch all the eroding sediment from its parent peak and this has made for a great rolling singletrack of loosely packed dirt. Its sits at enough of an overall angle to keep the rider rolling with only the rarely applied pedal stroke. All this combined with the unseasonably high grassy vegetation, and this trail makes for a fantastic roller coaster ride.

Its recommended to take the loop counter-clockwise, but with its low usage there is no penalty for going either direction. There are few rocky outcrops to give the trail any technical difficulty, but Grazing Elk trades you these thrills for sheer beauty. It's a very rare experience to glide along a mountain trail knee deep in grasses while lavender and yucca blooms color the fields around you. If you go this season, bring your sense of smell and keep your eyes up because riding the Grazing Elk trail this season is a bit like bush whacking the Serengeti at speed. Overall, it's a great ride for when you aren't in the mood for a typical Colorado Front Range grinder but still want to get out and turn the cranks in a unbelievably beautiful setting.

From the Source: Curtis Lewis, CEO of Sopris Clothing Co.

Meeting Curtis Lewis when he's plugged into running Sopris is like catching someone right in the middle of an epic battle with the "super boss" on their Okamakon Game Cube. I managed to get with him over the phone while he was campaigning the brand in beautiful Aspen, CO.

  • How long has Sopris Clothing co been around?
  • Originally Febuary 2005 and reborn September 2006.

  • How has it changed over the years?
  • Why don't you ask me easy questions like "what's my favorite color?" The big change was going from the initial exciting idea to the harsh reality of owning your own clothing company. In Sopris' case it happened quicker than I expected.

  • How does having a passion for snowboarding and mountain biking affect your clothing?
  • It contributes to to the style. If it wasn't for these elements, what would we be making? Dresses for your mom?

  • Has anyone helped out along Soprs' journey?
  • NO! kidding, absolutely. My friends and family.

  • Where do you want Sopris to grow next?
  • I would like to see it in the best local core shops to help grow their business as well as our own. I want to add an element of design that isn't out there yet.

  • Team Sopris did very well in last season's Mountain States Cup mtb circuit. How is the Sopris team doing this season?
  • 2006 was a great year for the Team. It was the first year we had a team and it was comprised of some of the best cross country mountain bikers in Colorado. But changes in the company late in '06 are reflected in this season's Team. We've moved beyond one discipline and are concentrating on showcasing on a diversity talents. We love our team and are excited about 2007.

  • Is it true you are sponsoring a kayaker now as well?
  • Absolutely, yes. You gotta problem with that?! HA! Fred Norquist is an extremely talented, modest and friendly 17 year old Carbondale, CO local. But he's competing everywhere you know, Mexico, Canada...

  • What was your last ride?
  • The Buffalo Creek section of the Colorado Trail with Bill F*ckin Meyer! When Bill Meyer tells you it's going to be a 3 hour ride, don't think he's just an old guy that doesn't know how to gauge time anymore... Because even if it doesn't take 3 hours to finish, he will find another loop to make it 4 hours! And he'll laugh the whole time that you brought 1 20oz water bottle! All the while oblivious to the forthcoming midnight fever and subsequent 3 week illness. Thank you Bill Meyer for kicking my ass!

  • Who are you listening to lately? 3oh3, Bullet for my Valentine, Rise Against, Faithless... always Faithless, The Michel Bros, TI.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Ahh, the wonders of VID3Oh3.

I've come across the Fox Interbike video again, and just by happy accident Blogger has introduced patented Video Posting Technology to the world. This allows me, the content creator to convey to you, the content consumer, this fantasticly produced and thoroughly enjoiable vid. Its fairly long and has a great soundtrack, so sit back, relax, and be sure to have that popcorn handy.

Hey little girl. Did you want to know a secret? Cause I know one and it is SOOOOO good to hear it. Did you want to know what it schwas? Alright, I tell you what it schwas. I know how to play alllllll the way to the Fox Interbike Video... and I can play it faster than you can say poopty poopty pants....

Monday, June 04, 2007

Mt. Sopris Spawns A Clothing Projekt

Artists, skaters, mountain bikers, snowboarders, and lifestylers all have a common thread tying them together lately, and it can be found in Sopris Clothing. Founded in 2005 by CEO Curtis Lewis and the Birch Tree Projekt, Sopris Clothing has been a dream many years in the making.

Curtis has called the Colorado Rockies his home since day one growing up in the shadow of the famous Mt. Sopris. With its solo pyrimidal peak towering above the town, it made a lasting impression on his life. As a result, Curtis embraced Colorado's notoriously active lifestyle early on, picking up snowboarding and mountain biking. Later, he began to mix in his natural taste and artistic style. When it was time to finally transform his aspirations into reality and create his own clothing company, he chose the name of the hill that has continued to evoke his passion for Colorado: Mt. Sopris. "...for me, its the symbol of where it all began and was a natural choice."

Sopris Clothing is a small operation that is bigger than life. On any given day, you would likely catch Curtis hard at work managing his expanding brand of clothing, but you just might catch him enjoying fresh powder in the winter or in the spring and summer, railing the flow of a singletrack decent. Curtis is careful to make time for the things that infuse passion into the company and his life. In addition to the clothes, Curtis also creates and maintains all the business content; he puts together freakishly funny 16mm movies you can find on YouTube, he designs skatedecks for the locals, and all the while making sure he promotes and provides for the team...

Speaking of that team, Sopris is actively involved and totally committed to the the action sports community having already sponsored a successful pro cross country MTB team in 2006. For 2007 the team has expanded to include a semi-pro whitewater kayker, a downhill mountain bike team, local skaters and has plans of backing a cast of snowboarders when Colorado's kind powder begins to fly again this coming winter. It's this intimate connection to speed, style and good times that makes up the Sopris Clothing ethos and the natural act that drives his designs.

So when you are out in the hills, keep an eye out for Sopris. He may be out there shoulder to shoulder with you enjoying Colorado's gifts of gravity and splendor while rocking some of the most unique and inspired hand finished clothing available.