Thursday, June 14, 2007

From the Source: Curtis Lewis, CEO of Sopris Clothing Co.

Meeting Curtis Lewis when he's plugged into running Sopris is like catching someone right in the middle of an epic battle with the "super boss" on their Okamakon Game Cube. I managed to get with him over the phone while he was campaigning the brand in beautiful Aspen, CO.

  • How long has Sopris Clothing co been around?
  • Originally Febuary 2005 and reborn September 2006.

  • How has it changed over the years?
  • Why don't you ask me easy questions like "what's my favorite color?" The big change was going from the initial exciting idea to the harsh reality of owning your own clothing company. In Sopris' case it happened quicker than I expected.

  • How does having a passion for snowboarding and mountain biking affect your clothing?
  • It contributes to to the style. If it wasn't for these elements, what would we be making? Dresses for your mom?

  • Has anyone helped out along Soprs' journey?
  • NO! kidding, absolutely. My friends and family.

  • Where do you want Sopris to grow next?
  • I would like to see it in the best local core shops to help grow their business as well as our own. I want to add an element of design that isn't out there yet.

  • Team Sopris did very well in last season's Mountain States Cup mtb circuit. How is the Sopris team doing this season?
  • 2006 was a great year for the Team. It was the first year we had a team and it was comprised of some of the best cross country mountain bikers in Colorado. But changes in the company late in '06 are reflected in this season's Team. We've moved beyond one discipline and are concentrating on showcasing on a diversity talents. We love our team and are excited about 2007.

  • Is it true you are sponsoring a kayaker now as well?
  • Absolutely, yes. You gotta problem with that?! HA! Fred Norquist is an extremely talented, modest and friendly 17 year old Carbondale, CO local. But he's competing everywhere you know, Mexico, Canada...

  • What was your last ride?
  • The Buffalo Creek section of the Colorado Trail with Bill F*ckin Meyer! When Bill Meyer tells you it's going to be a 3 hour ride, don't think he's just an old guy that doesn't know how to gauge time anymore... Because even if it doesn't take 3 hours to finish, he will find another loop to make it 4 hours! And he'll laugh the whole time that you brought 1 20oz water bottle! All the while oblivious to the forthcoming midnight fever and subsequent 3 week illness. Thank you Bill Meyer for kicking my ass!

  • Who are you listening to lately? 3oh3, Bullet for my Valentine, Rise Against, Faithless... always Faithless, The Michel Bros, TI.

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