Friday, June 09, 2006

Downtown PA part 4 or 5

Inside Los Taverna... Apparantly, this tavern has been around a while. From talking about it today at lunch, Mike, an Eco employee and occaisional ship's captain, told me a quick story where Shakleton himself came to this very pub when he FINALLY made it back to Chile after his harrowing trip back across the Drake Passage in his 26' boat amidst his attempt to reach civilization after having the HMS Endurance sunk by ice flow. He apparantly was so overwhelmed by the noise, that he drew his pistol and shot into the cieling to queit the crowd. After his short stay here in PA he had commisioned a boat to assist in the resuce of the rest of his crew who were still patiently marooned on Elephant Island.

This marks the second bit of Shakleton living history i have crossed paths with in the past year 9outside of Antarctica of course). The first time was at Qual Island in Lyttleton Harbour, NZ. I hope Shakleton doesn't think that i'm stalikng him... ;) Posted by Picasa

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