Monday, August 27, 2007

Some pictures of the journey Southward.

Inside the Cantebury Cathedral

Looking out the bell tower of the Cathedral.

Looking up at the Cathedral.

Waterfront at Sumner, New Zealand


Nancy said...

Your wonderful wife gave me your site to look at your great pictures. I love the NZ ones as we were in all of those places when we traveled there. I agree it is an incredible place to visit and we may return there very soon. Be safe in 'the ICE'.
Take care.

sunneshine said...

Hi Chuck!!
Beautiful photos! The only thing I miss about Bill deploying is the chance to meet him in NZ...
Hope the plane ride down wasn't too awful - I have you on bloglines, so I'll visit and comment often!
Have a good weekend!

dub said...

thanks for checking in Sunne! you are too awesome. i didn't know your blog till now and i'll be doing the same to you so keep an eye out yo.

dub said...

Nancy, thanks for checking in as well. she never told me you holiday's in eNZed... beautiful country isn't it?