Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Southbound, on my way to Antarctica

In Aukland's Domestic terminal waiting on our last leg of this journey to begin and I'm beginning to feel the drowsy side-effects of last night's 14 hour flight. Overall however, it feels absolutely refreshing to be back in New Zealand. I couldn't say enough about the culture and environment here, i also just don't know where to begin. for starters, its a refreshing place to travel, that cannot be said of too many places I've been in comparison. The air is clean, the people are incredibly polite (complete with proper English) and happy, and the earth is freshly cleansed from the regular rainfalls that wash the landscape here of dirt and grime. It's just squeaky clean. And speaking of landscape, aside from Colorado or Alaska perhaps, New Zealand's island borders contain a very large array of environments to tramp around in and experience. It ranges from sublimely green fern forests to the staggering 18,000' Mt. Cook. Mix in tropical beaches and you are just scratching the surface here. I am truly looking forward to spending some time here again.

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