Sunday, August 19, 2007

Into the Heart of Darkness

Its been said that the first time someone travels to Antarctica (otherwise affectionately known as "The Ice") it is for adventure, the second time for the money, and the third because they no longer fit into regular society. So what then of those who are traveling southward for their 4th or 5th time? Does that mean they no longer fit into regular western society by a factor of three then? I'm keenly interested in finding out the answer to this hanging chad of an story as tomorrow i begin my 5th bi-annual migration into the world's heart of darkness, McMurdo Station, Antarctica. Right now, McMurdo is -7 degrees F and clear. There is no moonrise and no moonset. And from what I know, there is also no sunrise or sunset as it is just after the middle of winter there... but then again i've never gone to Mactown during this early opening period known as 'Winfly' .

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