Friday, September 07, 2007

From the Bog: an Irish pub in New Zealand

***Note, this entry is written in arrears as I'm now currently in McMurdo Station, Antarctica.***

With Irish folk music coming through the speakers this late wintry New Zealand morning, I sit here at the bar inside The BOG and eagerly anticipate the morning's breakfast which will come complete with a pint of world famous KilKenny Irish Ale alongside my bangers-n-mash. The Bog is an orthodox Irish Pub that also happens to serve a damn good breakfast. Unlike Americanized Irish taverns, there isn't a singe television installed blaring the ball game to distract its visitor from their pint of Guinness (or even better, KilKenny) and the music never strays from the acoustic Gaelic variety. So, suffice it to say, a visit to The BOG is well worth the 14 hour flight and 1800.00 in plane tickets.

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