Monday, May 07, 2007

watch me r_i_i_i_i_ide...

Whenever I take a little ride those mas grande Colorado hills, either astride my mountain bike or bolted to my Burton Malolo, I am reminded of the lyric titling this post. Penned by Maxi Jazz of Faithless and exposed to me via my long time riding partner C to the L, that silly little lyric has long been gutteral source of inspiration when I face off with a particularly dense patch of gravity.

I love to ride. I love the infusion of adrenaline from taking the chance of dropping something nasty. I even (occaisionally) enjoi the fitness. But far greater, The Ride for me is the chance to engage in what Mother Earth has offered to those who are awake enough to recognize the golden opportunities. I use the above lyric not just to re-inspire enough personal moxy to stick yet another chunky 75' gapper (rad i know); rather I employ it as a means to remind myself that I came to engage, i woke up early that day to engage, i drove 4 hours for trailhead access to engage... and therefore, its time to step back into the that golden moment and let Mother Earth have her way with me.

Perhaps better said, I ride so that once in a while I willfully and directly expose myself to the world's natural forces. I choose to interplay with them. I hook up the towline to gravity's mighty pull and use its energy to glide me along over cottony snow mounds whiel busting out of tree stands. It's a playful interaction with these forces when I am threading the needle between pine and aspen.

The interaction and interplay between me, the human, and the universe's undeniable and profound forces... that's why I Ride.

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