Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I am the expert of my own ideas:

here's one of my ideas: a new Political Treatise

Given the option, there would be the following:

1. The Party System and Voting: there would be 4 major parties to vote for (and any number of smaller minor parties) splitting up the population in the following brackets:
a. Fiscally Conservative - Social Conservatives
b. Fiscally Liberal - Social Conservatives
c. Fiscally Conservative - Social Liberals
d. Fiscally Liberal - Social Liberals
Each group would be well defined but operate on a gray scale. Whereas people would evolve migrating between groups as they age, and the groups would evolve as the times change. Voting would be compulsory for every registered citizen. Political education would be included in Middle and High School curiculum. Defining this ciriculum would be up to local school board authority allowing for regional cultural affect. Lastly, Presidents could hold office for up to 3 consecutive 4 year terms.

2. Policy Reforms:

  • Military Spending: One of a few essential functions of any national government is the provision of a strong national defense. In the US's case, it's within the interest of the Nation to maintain its status as the superiority in the air, land, and sea. However, the total budget would be trimmed creating a paradigm of trim and efficient stewadship of their financial responsibility. The surplus cashflow would be released back unto the population.

3. Social Welfare transforms:

  • Welfare: As a development of the Depression Era, the time for this service has passed. Combined with the misuse and abuse of the system, its utility and effectiveness has diminished over the previous 80 years. Social welfare systems for the fit and firm would cease altogether leaving behind a scaled back version designed to provide whatever is needed for the truly unfit and infirm. These services would be uplifted and gusseted with the revenue recouperated from the collapse of the former system currently in place.
  • Equal Opportunity: An exit strategy is needed to outline the graduated closeout of this Nationally mandated and funded service. The goal stays the same: equal and fair treatment for all, the timeline is no longer open ended.
  • Internal Revenue Service reforms: The deparment would cease to function, replaced by a GST or flat rate taxes collected a times of sale paid regularly by all. Loop Holes and tax shelters would only be smarlty applied and carefully monitored.

4. Homeland Security Services: the various intelligence branches would all be housed under one roof and stripped of redundant staff. A common charter would unit the disciplines into two purposful units: outward and internal facing departments. The Nationa Guard would be moved here for Centralized communications and purpose.

5. Department of Natural Resources transform:

  • th DOI, the beureau of Reclamation, etc. would be combined and redesigned with a common thread and purpose. This being the ensured sustainability of this country's Natual resource wealth. The natural wealth is defined as this nation's biodiversity, geological resource, habitat integrity and freshwater resources. All federal lands become open to the public without fee for access. All operational funds come from the tax base. Permits are continued for any resource extraction as well as a followed on plan to mitigate the effect made upon the landscape.

6. Rationalized HealthCare Reform:

  • Consolidation of HealthCare services ranging from mental, throughout medical and then combined with wellness initiatives (i.e. fitness and nutrition) under one coordinated organization. This Department of Health and Human Services would not be state ran. Rather, it would be operated by privatized corporate entities and funded by the Federal Govt. It would furthermore include provisions of universal availability for every citizen regardless of insurability or socioeconomic status. Additionaly, there would be tierd programs for cosmetic services and other optional procedures. It would recieve substantial funding

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