Monday, May 29, 2006

Beyond the equator again, this time in Chile

Hola Amigos, Como Estas? Muy Bien, gracias, y tu?

ahhh yes, High School Spanish. The sentance above and the following are all i remember... Mellamo Carlos, Y tu? yes, that embodies my depth of retention after 3 years of Gateway's tutelage. But i am managing miserably. i can barely read anyhting, and i cannot hardly at all communicate. Thank god for the universally applied visual language such as... pointing at my crotch to desperately indicate my need for a restroom.

As the title of this entry indicates, the USAP has once again decided to send me to more southernly climes. Much more southernly. Say 59 degrees south of the Equator. Not what i would call tropical. No, this reminds me of the pictures my Dad took of his trip to Iceland. There is an aweful lot of golden waves of the most beautiful grain here. Illuminated yellow grasses sparkle and flow against the landscape of Punta Arenas, Chile like so much of eastern Colorado... In coming here, I have been granted the opportunity to experience a whole other side of the Program. That being Marine Science Support... but still in my typical desktop and server support role. This marks my 5th southernly exploit lending even more evidence that this isn't an accident anymore and moving well into the trend building phase.

so i have opted to restart this blog again. Its been a while since last updating, as i typically don't weblog my life when i am in town becuase of its regularity. I wouldn't find it very fascinating to neither document nor read about my daily commutes and work related politics. Unless i become a better comedian it will just have to stay in my brain.

so my next post will kick off my Chilean relays. Thanks for reading and take care.

over and out.


Bret said...

Here are a couple of phrases that have come in handy for me when taveling through Latin-American countries:
1) Donde esta el bano?
2) Mas cerveza, por favor!
The first phrase will definitely alleviate you having to point to your crotch whenever you need to "go"....


dub said...

thanks Bret, i will keep those two phrases written on sticky notes and stuffed conveniently in a shirt pocket.