Monday, October 10, 2005

catching up

So its been a while since i updated the blog, and i figure now's as good a time as any. I've made it all the way back down to McMurdo Station, Antarctica agian. 4th time for those of you who aren't counting. 4th time is the cutoff i used to use for gauging lifers. The saying went, 1st time for the adventure, 2nd for the money, 3rd cause you just can't fit into the rest of society anymore, and 4th just made you a lifer. But i really don't feel or see it that way anymore. Now, i just feel incredibly fortunate to have been blessed with this accidental life regardless of how many times i am find myself here. Each year turns up more and more pieces of this enigmatic and unfamilar place. South Pole last year was an awe striking experience. Pole was colder then i ever experienced, more beaitiful than i ever expected, and more pleasant and easy going then any other culture i gave found. These unique people worked harder than any i have ever seen.

To wrap up the Mountain Bike racing this year, i managed to meet a whole lot of new faces and participate in a whole other way of living life. The people were so focused on fitness and competition, but managed to wrap all that energy up into the freindliest, most easy going and welcoming vibe.

It was neck and neck between the top 3 slots. we all kept going back and forth vying for top honors. In the end by a nose i pulled off a first place overall finish for the season. Telluride was stunning (and so very far away), the wildflowers and friends of Crested Butte were unparallaled, the comraderie of Snowmass, and it all came together with the competition of Keystone. Now with one win under the belt, what's on for next year?

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