Thursday, June 30, 2005

Race #5 - Crested Butte - Wildflower Rush

Wow, after just completing the beautiful Wildflower Rush (race 5) and already gearing up for race #6 at Eldora, it feels like a bit of a 1, 2 punch in the series right now. All the better! Crested Butte hosted the WildFlower Rush and it was EPIC (for you Curtis). It was my second time to return to the far flung mtn. town since Zach and I moved into the resort's parking lot ages and ages ago for a week of snowboarding and high adventure. Kim and i got lucky and found a camping spot in the same lot and nearly in the same parking spot. I was a bit late to the race start but finished ok afterall. 5th out of 6th this time and that ain't half bad. Personally, it was my toughest race thus far. It was similar to Angel Fire's long initial climb and fast hairy descent, but the Butte shoed more climbs and well, more climbs. The course was full of false summits. I am fortunate tha ti only had to complete 1 lap, nearly all the other classes had to go on to complete 2 or even (gasp) 3 laps. Unbelievable.

After the races, Kim and I took our gear and went on up to the unexplainably gorgeous, unspeakably mystical, and unbelievably transendental near Ghost Town of Gothic 9 miles beyond CB. We found a cozy room with a view opposite the cathedral like spired mtn opposite us and settled in for a rainy and enjoyable evening.

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Anonymous said...

Hey son. Just read your summary of the Crested Butte race. Sounds like you had a fantastic time. What an awsome experience.