Monday, April 25, 2005

Race #1 Tour of Canyonlands - April 23,24 - Completed

Beautiful Moab kicked off the first race of my first season of racing. Saturday was a wash due to misinformation in directions and car trouble. I suppose this means i DNF'd, but Sunday was a successful day for me. I placed last in the Beginner Men's 30-34 class for the Amasaback 2mi Hill Climb! More information can be found here:

I owe Curtis Lewis and Team Dean a huge thanks for their support, hospitality, friendliness, guidance, and generosity. Thanks a bunch everyone!


wheeliekd said...

thanks man! it was fun trip for sure! and hey, you didn't's actually a DNS.


swiftjesse said...

damn chuck! what did you thing Team DEAN would do? shave your legs, make you drink rice milk and tease you for not showing up to your race?
na man, we dont roll like that!
glad to have you there!
until the next race.....
jesse mf swift

dub said...

ohhh bring it! i'm just as quick at shaving heads as i am at mountain bike racing! G-UNIT!